What is GIYM?

GIYM is a UK tennis charity, which has the purpose of introducing primary school aged children to tennis. The majority of the children who participate in our programmes come from inner city and deprived areas throughout the UK and are those who might not otherwise receive an opportunity to play tennis without our funding.  GIYM's objectives in particular targeting children of 5 - 8 years of age is to enable them to develop their social, physical and cognitive skills in a healthy, sporting environment. 

We believe that children benefit from an active lifestyle and that one way to achieve this is through involvement with sport, which in our case means “tennis”. 

GIYM will help fund programmes for qualified tennis coaches to run curriculum time school programmes and afterschool programmes.  We will also assist our programmes with purchasing mini tennis equipment.

How will children benefit?

“Through ‘Give It Your Max’ the children have benefitted from increased levels of concentration, co-ordination and fitness.  It has also made a positive impact on the children’s behaviour during the school day”. Year 3 teacher at Camelot Primary School in Peckham.

“Getting more racquets into the hands of young children at an early age and giving them the opportunity to have coaching in a fun environment can only be a good thing for the game. Charities like GIYM help find young talented players who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to pick up a tennis racquet.  Anyone of these children might be future tennis champions.” Virginia Wade OBE, former Wimbledon ladies singles champion and ‘Give It Your Max’ Patron.

The prime purpose of ‘Give it your Max’ is to improve the lives of young people, who would not normally have the opportunity of playing tennis.

What we have achieved

  • Welcomed over 100,000 children into the scheme since 2005
  • Launched programmes in primary schools in over twenty areas nationwide – from as far north as Aberdeen to as far south as Exmouth
  • A number of children coached through GIYM are now playing competitive county level tennis
  • A five year joint partnership with the Tennis Foundation aimed at young people with disabilities