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Disability Tennis

In 2015 GIYM announced an exciting new partnership with The Tennis Foundation, which will see the start of new tennis activities, aimed at young people with disabilities. Over the next five years, GIYM and The TF will work together to provide fifteen mainstream or Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools with a three-year tennis programme – giving opportunities and support for disabled pupils to play tennis both in and outside school settings. This joint project with the TF is the first GIYM programme to be directed specifically towards children with disabilities or special needs.

As part of this funding a Beyond The Baseline mentor from the Tennis Foundation also inspire young people in the schools, such as Louise Hunt, a Paralympian at the last two Para Olympics and a top British wheelchair player.

Currently in year three of the five-year project, there are now fifteen schools involved in the programme and all are developing their tennis programmes. To date, this partnership has led to over 500 young people accessing Tennis with a disability.

For more information on our Disability programme please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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