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Mike Stotesbury, Founder of GIYM:

“Further benefit has been seen in areas where there is a youth gang culture where ‘Give It Your Max’ has given children a practical alternative and shown a new and positive approach to life. In addition to the social and educational benefits ‘Give It Your Max’ has started to impact on youth tennis. Eight year old Rachel Barnett from Reading, who was introduced to the game by ‘Give It Your Max’, is now considered to be one of the best in the country in her age group and there are a number of players with excellent potential in all the Centres."

Tim Henman, former British Tennis No.1 and ‘Give It Your Max’ Patron:

“The Tennis Ball is a fantastic event for fantastic charities. I’ve worked closely with Give It Your Max and the work they do is really helping to enhance the life of so many children. The money raised from this year’s Tennis Ball will help them to grow their programme to even more areas across the UK.”

Virginia Wade OBE, former Wimbledon ladies singles champion and ‘Give It Your Max’ Patron:

“Getting more racquets into the hands of young children at an early age and giving them the opportunity to have coaching in a fun environment can only be a good thing for the game. Charities like GIYM do find young talented players who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to pick up a tennis racquet. Any one of these children might be future tennis champions.”

Marion Bartoli, 2013 Ladies Wimbledon Singles Champion:

“It is so important to encourage tennis, the sport has given me so much. Being able to attend this year’s Tennis Ball and support both charities is fantastic, I hope all the money raised will mean even more children can benefit through sport.”

Umran Ali, Head Coach at Burgess Park, Peckham:

“Our role with GIYM is to try and provide coaching for a lot of young players in the local community. In this area we have got a lot of people who haven’t got enough resources financially to be able to play tennis. GIYM has enabled us to give opportunities to people like that who would not otherwise have been able to play tennis. As a result we have been able to bring children back to Burgess Park where we a run a programme. Mukhtar Andu is a good example and is on course to end the year as the number one 9 and under in the country. He is a direct result of the opportunities that GIYM have given to the community”.

Simon Grieve, Head Tennis Coach at Canterbury Indoor Tennis Centre:

“We used to get funding from the council who then pulled our funding as did the LTA. The club supported us a little but we only had a small pocket of money. Give It Your Max has allowed us to put together a really professional programme that allows coaches to go in and provide year on year coaching, so there is a continual flow of opportunities for children. I work with a partner who helps to organise coaches to go into the schools and as a result of the Give It Your Max programme we are able to provide term time tennis to hundreds of local school children”.

Stuart Maidment, Head Coach at Lordswood School, Edgbaston:

“We have seen our numbers grow massively. The club has been going for 2 years and that’s when GIYM started to contribute towards our junior tennis programme. We now see around 150 kids a week on a regular basis. We also see thousands of kids in schools during term time so we are introducing thousands and thousands of kids to tennis all the time. GIYM has really helped us to go into the schools and really try and initiate people interest in tennis. Without their involvement and contribution, financially, it would have been quite hard for us to do that and therefore we wouldn’t have had as many children take up the sport over the last 2 years as we have had”.

Chris Rollins, Head Coach at Deal, Tides Leisure Centre:

“Our relationship with Give It Your Max has been a huge success in the past 6 months. We have been delivering tennis sessions in local schools in the Dover and District area. Give it Your Max has been a huge benefit, allowing us to give more to the children in the area by having more coaches, more facilities available, more opportunities and more smiles”.

Vanessa Webb, Tennis Co-ordinator for Deal Tides Leisure Centre:

“We are currently going to 8 schools, there are 52 in the area and I want to go to all of them. The funding has been a big help as we as it has enabled us to send not just one coach but 2 and 3 coaches to each school. It helps the school, as they are not having to pay for the sessions, which they would have to do otherwise. We also provide taster sessions at Deal afterwards and we hope to enrol some of the children here permanently on our courses”.

The work that Give It Your Max does has helped to support individuals that are emerging as up and coming tennis players as well as ensuring that tennis has been made accessible to children of all backgrounds.

Alex de Sousa is one of the children that has really benefited from the schools programme and is now playing at regional level and winning grade 3 tournaments.

Alex de Sousa, age 11:

“I’ve won a couple of grade 3 tournaments, which is regional level standard and I won a county tournament yesterday which is a good result for me. I do my best in every tournament I go to, win or lose I give it my all.”

Alex’s Dad:

“The charity itself has helped children of all classes to be able to join and come to the centre. It has given the parents the confidence to feel supported.”