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The Tennis Foundation

The Tennis Foundation is Great Britain’s leading tennis charity and their vision is a sport which is inclusive and accessible to every kind of community. Their aim is to provide opportunities to encourage people to both play and enjoy tennis, as well as to maximise their personal potential through the sport. They work closely with the Lawn Tennis Association and a wide range of partners from across all sectors to deliver their vision. GIYM has worked closely with the Tennis Foundation since it began in 2005. Before GIYM established its own charity status the charity administration and funding was managed by the Tennis Foundation.



The WJTI began in 2001 and is a community tennis initiative run by The All England Club in partnership with Merton and Wandsworth. In total Dan Bloxham and his team of coaches have visited over 500 schools and given more than 125,000 kids their first experience of tennis. The concept of GIYM originated from the work being done by the WJTI. As Max used to work for the WJTI as a part time coach, we wanted to expand the work the WJTI were doing to other areas around the country.

Tennis For Free

Tennis For Free was established in 2005 to address the barriers for participation in Tennis (ie court charges) and to bring the benefits of playing tennis and becoming actively engaged in sport to as many young people as possible. We have profiled every free public tennis court in the country on this website and also run weekly FREE coaching for children, young people and adults, showing that tennis is a game that can be played by and benefit everyone, regardless of ability or social background. Tennis For Free has provided guidance and technical support to GIYM since it began.

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