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“At Premier Tennis we are passionate about offering children opportunities to play tennis - regardless of age, ability or background. We’re proud to be working alongside Give It Your Max to make this great sport of ours both accessible and affordable. We recognise that tennis begins as a game before it becomes a sport. Our sessions combine lots of fun games with essential drills to help young players get the basics right, progress as players, and enjoy every minute of it.  Our team of qualified, specially trained Premier Tennis coaches have the knowledge and experience to help all standards of player and for all of our coaching sessions we provide age appropriate equipment to ensure both the safety and fun for each playing opportunity”

About Premier Tennis:


Our vision is to be the most respected provider of quality tennis experiences across the UK


At Premier Tennis, we believe in sporting excellence, rooted in a passion for tennis, and always seek to display good teamwork, treat everyone with respect and have fun along the way

Excellence - we invest significant time and resources to develop tennis programmes of the highest quality, and identify the most capable coaches and role models to deliver them.  We monitor our performance in delivery and care about every detail, as the best tennis professionals do themselves

Passion - to do something well requires commitment… to do it with excellence requires passion.  At Premier Tennis, our passion for the sport binds us together and drives us to share the physical and psychological benefits of tennis with everyone we coach.

Teamwork - in keeping with the singles and doubles forms of the game, we teach the importance of taking individual responsibility as well as the values of positive teamwork, and seek daily to put these into practice ourselves

Respect - wherever Premier Tennis operates across the UK, we treat children, parents, suppliers and venues with respect, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment where personal potential can be fulfilled

Fun - through our coaching we promote the benefits of tennis as a fun, accessible sport for players of all ages and abilities; we champion learning with a smile and celebrate achievement whether big or small


Phone: T: 0845 475 1147 | M: 07870 565650


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